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Coming January 2014 . . . Torn!

When Katie Harrington becomes engaged to Branson Stone she believes her life is right on track for all her dreams to come true.

However, flashes of a life she never lived haunt her—leading her to discover a past that has been purposely erased from her memory in order to protect her from horrible truths.

The look on her fiancés face as she retells everything she remembers will forever be etched in her mind. Instead of catching and comforting her, he lets her go.

Retreating to the family’s cottage on the Outer Banks for the summer, Katie’s heart begins to heal. She succumbs to the allure of a dangerously handsome local, Aidan Romero. But as soon as Katie begins to let go and move on with Aidan . . . Branson finds her.

Now Katie is torn between two lives—facing her painful past with Branson, or moving on with Aidan and keeping the secrets safely buried forever.


What people are saying:

“I just finished your book and absolutely loved it! It’s been quite some time since I read a book that was so passionate and well written. You have quite a gift and I’m truly honored to read TORN before the rest of the world meets the next Nora Roberts!”

“I LOVED the book. Passion, suspense, romance…. It’s got it all!”

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