Wait for Me

Wait for Me – Autographed Copy


Cooper Sterling has been in love with Briley Sheffield since fifth grade, when he asked her to marryhim on wide-ruled paper crafted into the fold-and-tuck square.

But life isn’t that neat and tidy.

Years later, defending Briley from an attack lands Cooper in prison, powerless to protect her and unable to convince her to wait for him.

When a failed engagement opens up the possibility of a relationship with Cooper, a mysteriousenvelope threatens to slam shut every door in Briley’s path. Now she must choose . . . risk the stability of friendship she has with Cooper, or put everything on hold and solve the mysteries of her family secrets.

Wait for Me is a steamy full-length, contemporary romance. This is book one in the LoveStruck Series and can be read as a standalone.

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Autographed copy of Wait for Me.

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